Ransomware: Ten things you can do about it

on May 30, 2017

With all of the recent headlines about ransomware such as WannaCry (aka WanaCrypt) and Cryptolocker, we’ve been asked by many of our customers if they are doing enough to stay safe from these types of attacks. In truth, the creators of malware are constantly finding new exploits (or reusing old exploits) to attack systems and

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Colin SmithRansomware: Ten things you can do about it

Top 10 Tips for File Searching

on January 19, 2017

We’ve come to depend on the ability to quickly search for information on the internet. Services like Google and Bing both do a remarkable job providing rich search results that are ranked based on many factors such as current location, past search and browsing history current global, national, and local trends. All of this makes

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Colin SmithTop 10 Tips for File Searching

How to Save a Microsoft Word Document as a PDF

on December 29, 2016

There are many reasons that you may want to save your Microsoft Word document as a PDF file. Maybe you don’t want people to edit your work or you have users that don’t have access to Microsoft Word. Whatever reason you may have to save your document as a PDF file, this video demonstrates how to do it! I

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Colin SmithHow to Save a Microsoft Word Document as a PDF

Transitioning to Microsoft Office 2016

on December 26, 2016

Since Microsoft Office 2016 was released last year, Cistel has had a lot of clients asking for help deploying it either alone, as part of a Microsoft Office 365 migration, or as part of a Windows 10 deployment. Cistel has also had a lot of users asking for help making the transition to Office 2016 from previous versions. This

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Colin SmithTransitioning to Microsoft Office 2016

Top Ten Things to Consider to De-risk your Office 365 Migration

on December 1, 2016

Very few organizations that are deploying Office 365 are deploying a brand new communications and productivity solution. For the most part, they will be migrating an existing service or set of services to Office 365. Over the last few years, the team at Cistel has been involved in dozens of Office 365 migrations and we’ve

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Colin SmithTop Ten Things to Consider to De-risk your Office 365 Migration